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The 30-Second NDA

Protect your confidential information.

Included with every subscription

We include a complimentary mutual NDA template with every subscription, always up to date with the current law and best practice in the UK. This template helps you to get started with the Digital Counsel platform and gives you an idea of just how quickly you can generate complex, but compliant, paperwork every single time.


Can I use my existing templates?

Absolutely. We will convert your existing templates into ready-to-issue dynamic issuing templates, suitable for non-lawyers to complete.

Can you provide the documents?

Yes, we also provide unrestricted legal services (including the design and drafting of legal documents) in the UK.

What sort of documents can be used?

Absolutely anything which would have 'placeholders' in it - from NDA's to service agreements, new employee documentation, shareholder agreements, loan agreements, investment agreements and more.